As long as He will allow by Kriss Williams

In the depths of eyes so blue the sea weeps with envy, I find my reflection.  He sees me.  His gaze drawing me in so that I drown in him.  His finger tip traces the contour of my lips, a phantoms touch it is so light, so gentle.  My lips purse together in offering.  He taunts my would-be kiss, drawing his thumb over the swollen pucker.  The sweetness found there is familiar, the scent a perfume I recognize.  It is myself that I smell, that I taste.  I inhale the delicious scent of him too.  So close, I can nearly taste him upon the air.  How I long to do so.  Knowing this, he makes me wait.  My desperation is revealed in every breath I struggle to inhale.  The rise and fall of my chest is an excuse, my body’s betrayal of my control in trying to draw as near to him as possible.  I yearn for his touch.  Burning.  With force he thumbs my lips, pressing the soft flesh against the unforgiving ivory of my teeth.  It is a cherished pain that I endure, my body tightens in response, breath catching in my throat.  I glimpse a hidden smile as the right corner of his mouth draws slightly higher.  He is pleased.  My eyes close so that I may bask in the glorious moment of his gesture.  My mouth opens to the pressure he applies, his thumb sliding into the warmth of my mouth.  Instinctively curling my tongue around him, I welcome the invasion.  The salty tang of his skin is masked by the richness of my flavor.  I close my mouth, holding him inside me as long as he will allow.


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